What information do we need to buy your motorhome?

What information do we need to buy your motorhome?

Here at Caravan and Motorhome Sales (or you can call us just CMS for short), we aim to make our purchase of your caravan or motorhome as simple and as straight forward as possible – so if you are looking for cash, and fast, then selling us your motorhome can be quick and easy.

And the good news is that we will consider the purchase of any make, model, age or condition of just about any type of caravan or motorhome.

So what do we need to know?

All that we need to know is geared towards offering you a realistic and fair price for your caravan or motorhome.

We buy just about any type of caravan or motorhome – and that takes in a huge range of different makes and models, from the new to the old, high mileage or low mileage, large or small, even left-hand drive versions of motorhomes and even those that have been affected by that old enemy, damp and condensation.

Every vehicle is likely to be different, so we rely on our many years’ of knowledge and experience to provide a valuation that, if you accept it, will see you selling your old motorcaravan and getting payment, fast and hassle-free

The detail

To help us arrive at that bespoke valuation, we’ll need a few basic details about your caravan or motorhome, such as:

  • the make;
  • the model;
  • the age;
  • if there is any outstanding finance on the vehicle (if there is, this is not a problem, as we can clear this balance on your behalf);
  • if it is a motorhome, the current mileage; and
  • its condition and any problems, such as damp, for example.

Based on this discussion with you, we will make you an offer. You have no obligation to accept our quotation, of course.

If you do accept our offer, we’ll come and collect your caravan or motorhome at a time convenient to you and will be ready to make an immediate cash transfer to you at the agreed price.

Finally, we will take your caravan or motorhome away with us – thus saving you any inconvenience, trouble and costs involved in delivering it to us and then making your way back home.





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