Looking to sell your motorhome?

Looking to sell your motorhome?

If you want to sell your motorhome or caravan fast and get paid for it instantly, then our service is the answer!

We buy any motorhome or caravan; collect it from you no matter where you are in the country; and transfer the funds directly in to your back account immediately. It is a lot easier than doing it yourself …

Selling your motorhome yourself

The process might involve some of the following problems:

  • however much you value your motorhome, for instance, just how does this translate into a fair and reasonable market price – pitch the price too high and you are unlikely to find a buyer, pitch it too low and you may end up giving it away for a song;
  • even once you have settled on a price, there is then the question of how to advertise its sale often becoming very expensive very quickly and time consuming;
  • the shop window of your local newsagent may be one possibility, but how many customers in the market for a second hand motorhome are likely to frequent that particular shop?
  • a classified ad in your local newspaper might do the trick, but its appearance is likely to be fleeting and probably equally hit and miss;
  • a panacea for all types of sales and purchases these days is thought to be the internet – but success is again likely to be determined by the careful marketing skills you may not possess.

Dealing with buyers

When your advertising efforts appear to be bearing fruit, this might be just the beginning of your problems.

However hard you have tried accurately to describe the motorhome you want to sell at a perfectly fair price, potential buyers can be a very demanding bunch. They are likely to gloss over the pluses, of course, and pick out the minuses, all in an attempt to beat you down in price.

Still worse may be the absolute time-wasters – for whom you have diligently stayed at home to receive – but have absolutely no intention of buying.

Selling privately can also give you a very limited audience. Buyers can be very wary of buying a motorhome privately as there are no come backs or warranties.

Dealing with CMS

What a contrast, therefore, you are likely to find dealing with us here at Caravan and Motorhome Sales.

All you need to do is just let us know that you want to sell your motorhome. There’s no sweating over any sales pitch or advertising copy, just a simple description of the age, make and model may generally suffice.

We buy any motorhome, any kind, any make or model, whatever its condition, even if it is suffering the effects of damp or condensation.

We won’t waste your time, but arrange whenever it is convenient for you to come and look at the vehicle, settle any outstanding finance there may be, make you an offer backed up with an immediate cash transfer, and drive away your motorhome when the deal is done.

Our service is hassle-free and enables you to quickly sell your leisure vehicle and get paid immediately.

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