Looking to upgrade or sell your motorhome?

Looking to upgrade or sell your motorhome?

Autotrail Tracker EKS SE Motorhome For SalePerhaps you have been so smitten by the motor caravanning bug that you want to upgrade, or maybe you just want to sell the one you already own. In either case, making the sale may often prove quite a headache.

Probably the biggest reason for that headache is simply finding a ready buyer, with the cash in hand and the ability to come and collect the vehicle from you – rather than you being faced with the long journey there and back.

What we do

And that very headache is precisely the one we aim to address here at Caravan and Motorhome Sales (CMS). Not only do we buy any motorhome, but we make the whole process simple and straight forward that in the day you sell your vehicle to us is the same day that you either drive away in an upgraded model or with the cash tucked safely in your pocket.

It is not even as though you have to bring your motorhome to us and then find your way home – we will come to collect it from you.

Finance matters

If you have been buying your motorhome on any kind of credit agreement it may sometimes be difficult to arrange its sale. But we are in a position to settle any outstanding finance and still give you the balance through an immediate cash transfer.

The ready cash in your pocket from the sale of your current vehicle at its true value to us here at CMS is likely to put you in a firm and secure bargaining position when it comes to buying your next vehicle from anyone else.

In the rare event that you have reached the end of the road in your motorhome adventures, as it is no longer suited to your lifestyle of course, the cash is likely to come in handy for all manner of other uses.

Taking it easy

As a family-run business we are only too aware how seemingly straight forward transactions may turn into real headaches. That is why our principal aim is to make selling your motorhome so easy.

We buy your caravan just as it is – in any condition, old or new, even if you have problems with damp and condensation. You don’t even need to spend time cleaning and generally sprucing it up in order to persuade a reluctant buyer. At CMS, we are already convinced.

We are in the business of buying and selling motor caravans, so why not let our knowledge and experience help you to make your next upgrade or sale.

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