How to sell your motor home

How to sell your motor home

Thinking of selling your motor home? You are likely to find that there are basically two ways of doing it:

  • the easy way – that is painless, effortless and designed to sell your motorhome fast, at the best possible price; or
  • the difficult way – that is laborious, time-consuming and may not even realise the price that the vehicle is actually worth.

It may be worth taking a closer look at these two approaches – and you can make up your own mind which you might prefer.

The easy way

This is the approach we champion here at Caravan and Motorhome Sales (CMS).

For anyone looking to sell their motor homes, this approach really could not be more simple:

  • we will buy practically any motor home – whatever make or model and whatever its condition including damp motorhomes;
  • we will provide a free, no obligation quote;
  • if you proceed with the sale, we’ll arrange an immediate transfer of the agreed funds directly into your nominated bank account;
  • if there is any outstanding finance on the motor home you want to sell, we will even settle that before buying the vehicle from you; and
  • to cap it all, we will travel to any part of the country to come and collect the vehicle, so you don’t even have to leave home to complete the sale.

The other way

Compare the above experience to trying to arrange the sale of your motor home under your own steam.

The effort involved might include some or all of the following tactics:

  • if you decide to advertise the sale of your motor home, you need to draft an eye-catching appealing yet accurate description of the vehicle and determine the price at which you are prepared to sell;
  • you have a pretty wide choice of media through which to advertise – everywhere from classified ads in your local paper to cards in the newsagent’s window or even an entry on the ubiquitous internet market, eBay, they become very expensive and even unsuccessful;
  • even if your advertising efforts succeed in drawing potential buyers, however, you need to wait in at home to grant as many inspections as needs be, that’s if the buyer turns up – bearing in mind that many a buyer may be especially demanding and looking to knock down your price at the slightest opportunity;
  • once the haggling is done, you may need to wait for the buyer’s cheque to clear before negotiating the actual delivery of the sold motor home – if the worst comes to the worst, you may even need to drive it to the buyer’s home yourself.

At the end of the day, if you want to sell your motorhome quick and easy and get paid fast, then our service is the obvious choice! Get in touch today!

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