Why sell us your motor home

Why sell us your motor home

An important player in any sale, of course, is the buyer of whatever it is you have to offer. Some buyers may represent a better bet than others, for instance, so why might you consider selling your motor home to us?

Look no further

  • an immediately compelling reason may be that by choosing us here at Caravan and Motorhome Sales there is no need to look any further;
  • of course there may be other buyers out there, but simply finding them may take up more time, effort and expense than you are really able to afford;
  • we can cut through all the work and delays likely to be involved in your selling through conventional methods by agreeing to an immediate purchase – at the right price;


  • the question of price is important in any deal between buyer and seller – and applies just as critically when you sell your motor home;
  • in negotiating a private sale through the traditional route of advertising, inspections by a round of potential customers and the final conclusion of the transaction, you may be wondering whether you secured the best possible price;
  • in other words, you run the risk of letting your motor home go for considerably less than it is actually worth;
  • CMS (that is short for Caravan and Motorhome Sales!), on the other hand, are in the business of buying and selling motor homes – we know the market and the true market value of those vehicles that we buy and sell;
  • this professional approach from a family-run business is likely to ensure that your motor caravan fetches the fairest possible price;


  • when trying to attract a buyer, you might have asked yourself how much time and effort needed to be spent on cleaning, sprucing up or even giving your motor home a complete facelift;
  • you might be reassured, therefore, to know that CMS buys motor caravans of every type and condition – including those that are less than perfect or have problems as potentially serious as damp and condensation;


  • as important as the agreed price, of course, is your certainty in actually receiving the amount that is due;
  • it is by no means unusual for a private buyer to agree the price, make off with your motor home, and then default on the payment owed;
  • by selling to us at CMS, however, you receive an immediate, guaranteed cash transfer of the money;
  • it might represent the cash balance due in any part exchange for another motor home from us or be money that you may choose to use for your next purchase of another vehicle;


  • once you have made a sale with a buyer, there is the further problem of physically transferring it to him or her;
  • depending on where they live and the agreement you reach, this might represent a lengthy round trip, with you being left to your on devices to find a way home;
  • we take any such problem completely out of your hands by arranging to come and collect the motor home at your own time and convenience.

You might consider some of these to be compelling reasons for selling your motor home to us and if you agree you need look no further in making a quick sale, at a fair price, with the minimum of hassle.

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