Will you buy my motorhome?

Will you buy my motorhome?

autocruise starblazer motorhomes for saleHere at Caravan and Motorhome Sales (or CMS for short!) we will not only buy you motorhome, but do so in a way that is quick, easy, hassle-free and results in a cash-backed fair price.

If you are asking yourself “who will buy my motorhome”, there may be other contenders to us, of course. But you might also want to ask yourself just what is likely to be involved before you can conclude any agreement to sell:


  • finding a buyer typically involves advertising just what it is you have to sell;
  • simply getting the description of your particular motorhome right may prove more demanding than you might have imagined – especially if you are trying to write copy with the maximum sales potential;
  • even when you have mastered the art of accurately describing your motor caravan, you then face the choice of advertising medium;
  • is a card in the local newsagent’s window going to reach much of an audience, is the cost of a classified ad too high for too short a period, or is the prospect of advertising on the internet hampered by it reaching too vast and untargeted an audience?
  • whatever method you choose, there is likely to be a cost in advertising, either through the payment for the physical space or in commissions you might need to pay to online agents or auctions;

Discerning buyers

  • you might have already put yourself in other buyers’ shoes and asked how much you are going to get for how low a price – since that is many a buyer’s aim of course;
  • to satisfy the discerning buyer, you might be considering all manner of cleaning, polishing and refurbishing regimes;
  • no less professionally discerning, at CMS, however, we take your motorhome just as it is, without your needing to go to the time and expense of attempting to give it the appearance of show room perfection;

Pesky buyers

  • even if your advertising appears to be having some effect and potential buyers start to call, you are contending with total strangers turning up on your doorstep – at practically any time of the day or night that suits them, rather than you;
  • having uttered their choice words in your ears about what they think of the general state and condition of your caravan, having prodded and poked it inside and out, they turn out to be time-wasters with nothing better to do with their afternoon;
  • perhaps even worse than those who turn up are those that have said they are coming, only to leave you staying in at home waiting for the visit that never materialises;

Cash strapped buyers

  • you may be teetering on the verge of concluding a deal with one of the buyers when you hear the plea that they have not got the cash for the full price you agreed;
  • it might lead to further protracted negotiation to reduce the price, proposals for delayed payment or the writing of a cheque which subsequently bounces.

By contrast, when we agree to buy your motorhome it is after no advertising effort on your part, without your having to have gone to inordinate effort in making it look spick and span, after a single visit to collect the vehicle and all in return for an immediate cash transfer of the mutually agreed price.

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