Welcome to Caravan and Motorhome Sales!

CMS are one of the longest dedicated buyers of motorhomes in the UK, with 50 years experience of buying your motorhomes. We make it a painless experience by our 3 simple steps.

Our Work Process

  • Price Agreement

    Do you keep thinking, “I need to sell my motorhome?” Then give us a call or fill in our online valuation form for a free quote to sell your motorhome.

  • Vehicle Inspection

    Here at CMS we take the hard work out by travelling out to you at your earliest convenience to view your motorhome. Free of charge!

  • Fast Payment

    Faster payment is the only way we pay. It is a safe, secure instant payment – and best of all, we don’t take the motorhome anywhere until you are certain it is safe in your bank account.

Selling your motorhome or caravan?

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