Caravan and Motorhome Sales Auctions

About us

Caravan & Motorhome Sales Auctions also known as CMS Auctions is one of the longest standing suppliers to the auction houses. With members of the team that have been in the industry since the 1980’s, we are the only company guaranteed to supply quality used motorhomes, not just the ones the dealers are too scared to retail! And more than anything, our sell rate is a whopping 99%, so you have the confidence to know that you will be buying that lot!

At British Car Auctions, our stock is advertised under Crv & Motorhome Sales LTD supplying around 600 per year. Whilst we don’t trade motorhomes direct or retail them ourselves it guarantees that we don’t just pick out the good stuff. 

Sign up to our website, and we will send out an appraisal video to each motorhome entered to the auction. We want to be as honest as possible so you have the confidence to bid. All motorhomes we source are damp tested, driven to the auction and checked for condition issues. As it stands, we do not fully run the systems due to time restrictions. Please see terms and conditions.

Shane Malpass

Shane is the director at Caravan and Motorhome Sales, which was established in 2007. Son of Neil Malpass who was sales manager of a big independent dealership for many years before starting the company, he has been following his father into work from 5 years old.

Assessing, valuing and researching north of 50 motorhomes today, you will do well to find someone with better knowledge on motorhomes in the industry.

Liam Connolly

Liam joined Shane in spring 2019, after being long term friends. Liam has dedicated himself to the job ever since, and has been out on the road, buying a few hundred motorhomes in this period. 

With knowing Shane for such a long period, he came straight into the industry very knowledgable. 


Pete Sennitt

Pete joined the company in a post lockdown boom, getting chucked in very much in at the deep end. Just like Liam he has been out to buy hundreds of motorhomes. 

Petes enthusiasm is that strong, that has bought a campervan himself, which he uses to go away with the family several times of the year.

John Sutton

John is our newest member of the buying team, starting in 2021. He is what we would call the mechanical minded one, formerly working for Bosch, his spare time is made up of taking apart and re-building vehicles, particularly VWs.